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Flexible endoscopes reprocessing and storage
DGM OP 4/OP 8 Drying cabinets
DGM OP 4/OP 8 Drying cabinets

DGM OP4/OP 8 drying and storage cabinets provide safe decision for flexible endoscopes.

Endoscopes are hung vertically with the connection end and distal part is safely located at the bottom of the cabinet . After being reprocessed into an automated endoscope reprosessor the endoscopes are ready to be used or stored in a drying cabinet which protects them from recontamination.

The new DGM OP4/OP 8 drying cabinets monitor timing and storage conditions of the endoscopes while waiting for their reuse.

Capacity of OP 4 is 4 full size endoscope. It is a good decision for the small endoscope department with one or two cabinets.

Capacity of OP 8 is 8 full size endoscope. It is a good decision for the specialized departments with three or more cabinets.


Technical data


  • Compatible with all types of flexible endoscopes
  • Universal connector for all major endoscope brands
  • Safe storage for up to 10 days/240 hours
  • Sterile Hepa filtered air with UV treatment for optimal drying of the external surfaces and internal channels



Model OP 4 OP 8
Applicable scopes


Capacity 4 8
Control systems
Endoscope storage time control Yes Yes
Temperature control Yes Yes
Pressure control Yes Yes
Temperature setting

00C ~ 500C

Weight 90 kg 160 kg
Dimensions 800(W)*450(D)* 1850(H) mm 1500(W)*450(D)* 1850(H) mm
Air supply
Compressed air pressure

min. 2.0 bar, max. 8.0 bar

Compressed air quality

oil-free, filtered, non-condensing

Electrical requirements

220/230/240 V~; 50/60 Hz


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